Your Local 80’ Tribute Band

Pat Benetar - Eagles - Joan Jett - CCR

311 - Journey - Carrie Underwood - Sublime

Def Leppard - Van Halen - No Doubt - Prince

Chris Stapleton - Cheap Trick - Violent Femmes

and the list goes on & on.....

April 20  Fri   7:30-10:30  Redds Fueling Station   Blue Mountain Bch

April 21  Sat  9:30-1:30   Standing Room Only  Niceville

May 4     Fri  9-1              Standing Room Only  Niceville

May 6      Sun   Bric a Brac   Suicide Prevention  Destin FL - Postponed 
                                                                              New Date to Come

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May 4      Fri  9-1           Standing Room Only  Niceville

May 23   Wed  7-10       Enlightened Studios  Ft Walton Bch

Aug 18   Sat  6-10         LJ Schooners Dockside  Niceville

Nov 30                          Private Event s

More Shows to Come...

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“Catalyst” is like listening to your favorite radio station. They play all your favorite songs, even those you forgot you loved. A show with Catalyst is a party. And it’s a party where everyone feels great. There will be no wall flowers while these guys are playing. Their Fun Energy is INFECTIOUS!

Josette Rhodes - Owner 30A Songwriter Radio - Music Review, South Walton Life Magazine